On 2nd of July 2017, students and alumni of the Royal Academy of Art organized a one-day football tournament - Royal Super Cup. They invited special guests - refugees from the We Are Here football club - to play together with them, teachers and the staff. The goal of the gathering was simply to connect on an equal human level through a game of football.

Dedicated to We Are Here Football Club, whose members keep on playing and inspiring others to pursue equality within and beyond the lines of a football field.

Katarína Gališinová, Menno de Bruijn, Lin Ven, Sophie Schwartz

Katarína Gališinová, Menno de Bruijn, Jamal Ismail Osman

Camera and Editing:
Studio de Boer & de Vet

Pawel Pokutycki

Royal Super Cup trophies:
Tommy Smits

Anne Greveling

Catering De Rosa’s

Supported by Marieke Schoenmakers and the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. Academie Winkel, Marketing Communication and Press, and Screen Printing Workshop of the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague.

Thank you Bonnie van Dam, Rob Hornstra, Katarina Juričić, Fela Kim, Boaz Kok, Annette Kouwenhoven, Studio Lennarts & de Bruijn, Jorick de Quaasteniet, Rik Schutte, George Vincentie, Marlen Weise, Sinead Wendt and all the participants, audience, cheerleaders and passersby.